Achievements of the Department

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A. Nurzhauov was awarded the academic title of a Full Member of the International Informatization Academy (IIA).

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics T. Toktaganov and Associate Professor of the Department K. Abishev received the title of corresponding members of the National Academy of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University won the National Contest of Achievements in Inventive Creativity called “Shapaghat” in the Most Active Inventor category. One of the members of the PSU team was Doctor of Engineering Sciences A.K. Karakayev.

Meyram Tokanov and Vladimir Ruk, Master's degree students of the Department, went to Riga, Latvia, under the external academic mobility program.

Within the international cooperation agreements concluded by the University, students of the Department have internships at foreign universities.

Head of the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics K.K. Abishev and Senior Lecturer R.B. Mukanov went to Czech Technical University (Prague) in September 2013 to perform joint research projects and organize a double-diploma program for masters in Transport Logistics.

Students of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University with the support of the Department of Science and Innovation of the University took part in the regional competition held by the Design Office in the Youth Service Center of Pavlodar.

Oraz-Khamit Abishev from KT-401 won the second prize with the project entitled “An Automobile with a Hybrid Power Unit Based on SKODA Oktavia” supervised by Senior Lecturer of the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics Ruslan Batyrbekovich Mukanov.

Petr Buchner, Professor of Czech Technical University, PhD, visited PSU on April 6-19, 2014 under the program for inviting foreign scholars to give lectures at PSU. He gave lectures and taught practical classes in Alternative Energy Sources for Transport Equipment for 3rd-year undergraduate students majoring in 5В071300 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology, 5В090100 Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Transport Operation.

On April 21-23, 2014, the PSU team presented 5 projects at ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL EXPO 2014, a national competition of social and business projects performed by students (Almaty, 2014).

ENACTUS is an international program of students' business projects that address social, environmental and economic problems bringing together active students, academic and business leaders. This program is global in scale. Businessmen, sponsors and benefactor from 39 countries take an active part in this program.

The PSU team consisted mainly of undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics.

Bakhtygul Kasymova, an undergraduate student majoring in 5В090100 Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Transport Operation, was the team captain.

Ruslan Mukanov, a Senior Lecturer of the Department, was the advisor of the team.

The Enactus PSU team won the third place in the league.