Students' Research Activities

Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction carry out research in the following fields: working in laboratories, taking part in intra-university conferences, academic competitions in specific subjects, competitions of research projects, course works and reports. Our students are regular prize-winners at regional, national and international competitions and conferences.

Thus, students use the opportunity to consolidate and systematize their theoretical knowledge, improve their practical skills of using innovative technologies in the context of personality-oriented education. This, in its turn, contributes to improvement of the quality of education, promotion of modern methods and materials, leads to improved knowledge formation and development of student's personal qualities (ability to generate new ideas, innovative thinking and creativity).

Students' research activities also help establish cooperation and exchange of experiences between students and academic staff of the Faculty. Such activities are considered as platform for further communication and exchange of views, rather than one-time events. New generation has a new view of the reality, that's why we believe that our students are an important competitive advantage of our University. Our students have a lot of new opportunities for creativity and experiment in their pursuit of creative solutions and approaches that they will use in their future careers.