Educational Activities

Educational activities of the Faculty are aimed at self-fulfillment of students, preparing them for independent life and future careers, and helping them adapt in modern society. Educational activities are held in the following directions:

Spiritual. Introducing students to the organization of the educational process at the University, Internal Regulations of the University, Students Code of Honor, and Dormitory Rules.

Intellectual. Conducting business games; competitions for the best course work.

Patriotic. Holding special classes devoted to state holidays, formation and strengthening of the sense of patriotism, love for the country and respect for the state symbols.

Political and legal. Informing students about important events in our country and abroad, holding meetings with representatives of Nur Otan and members of defense and law enforcement agencies.

Healthy lifestyles promotion. Holding special classes devoted to prevention of alcoholism, tobacco smoking and drug abuse, skin and venereal diseases and AIDS. Taking part in the “We Are against Drugs” campaign and sporting events.

Aesthetic. Going to Kazakh Drama Theatre, Checkhov Drama Theatre, involving students in mass cultural events held at the University and in our city.

Labour nurturing. Working in student construction brigades and Zhasyl Yel teams.

Environmental. Visiting the Museum of Ecology, taking part in clean-up events in the territory of the University, and making reports on environmental protection.