Activities for Learning Process Support

The main purpose of this work is coordination, control and analysis of learning support activities of the Departments for continuous improvement of quality of training in all programs offered by the Faculty.

Tasks of the learning support activities:

- defining the main directions of the work aimed at support of the learning process for the academic year;

- development of a common approach and solutions to problems relating to learning process support;

- analysis of the learning support activities;

- organization of implementation of Faculty's work plan in the field of learning process support;

- control and coordination of learning process support activities carried out by the departments;

- monitoring and analysis of quality of teaching materials and teaching itself;

- prompt solution of current problems in the field of learning support activities;

- reviewing manuscripts of textbooks and study guides, teaching aids and other materials developed by departments of the Faculty and preparing them for publication;

- studying best practice in this field at other faculties of our University and other higher education institutions.

The Faculty ensures high quality of training by means of wide use of modern methods of teaching, knowledge and skills evaluation. The following basic principles are used in the learning process: credit technology, methodological consulting, competence and qualification.

The learning process fully complies with the state educational standard. Moreover, this standard's requirements are considered by the Faculty as the minimum acceptable level that should be surpassed with the help of research activities and best practice in the field of education.

Students of the Faculty use modern information technology (up-to-date personal computers with the state-of-the-art software packages) for calculations in their course works and graduation projects.

All departments have model syllabuses for each course. These syllabuses serve as the basis for drawing up teaching materials by lecturers.

Organization of the learning process is carried out within the credit and distance learning technologies.