Curriculum Support and Development

In accordance with the objectives of the Department in the field of quality, the level of curriculum support and development has been significantly improved.

The plan of educational materials publication in Kereku is completed every year.

EMCS have been formed for all specialties of the Department in Kazakh and Russian languages, СECs are available for all specialties. Content of CECs is annually reviewed for compliance with modern requirements for graduates, the latest achievements in science and practice. A reason for making changes to the list and content of elective courses is a suggestion by consumers of educational services.

The plan of methodological activities is executed by means of development and re-approvement of work programs, syllabuses, methodological recommendations and guidelines for course works (projects), materials for knowledge control and final examination in Russian and Kazakh.

Creating a system of education based on the credit transfer technology requires the presence of academic mobility, i.e. transfer of credits for the courses studied at other universities. After completion of any part of the work plan, there is a certain form of control, which allows accumulating credits, determine the position of a student on his or her learning trajectory for transition to the next educational level.

Professional development of the academic staff members is carried out in the following areas:

- performing independent research projects;

- studying research methods in various subjects;

- performing contractual research projects in cooperation with companies and organizations;

- participation in national and international scientific conferences;

- participation in scientific competitions;

- attending specialized courses in foreign languages.

Extensive professional development of the Department staff members resulted in:

- update of the lecture material;

- development of teaching materials;

- implementation of interactive teaching methods for lectures and practical classes.

Students of the Department take an active part in the Academic Mobility program:

- Master's degree students had an internship at Novosibirsk State Technological University (Novosibirsk, Russia); Razzakov Kyrgyz State University of Technology (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).

- Master's degree student Daulet Yesmagambetov studied at Czech Agricultural University (Prague, the Czech Republic) under the external academic mobility program.