History of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies

The Department was established on February 10, 2014, as a result of the reorganization of the Departments of Foreign Philology and Theory and Practice of Translation.

The Department offers the following Bachelor's degree programs: 5В011900 Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages, 5В02100 Foreign Philology, and 5В020700 Translation Studies with specializations in English or German. Both full-time (previous studies required: general secondary education or secondary vocational education) and part-time (previous studies required: secondary vocational education or higher vocational education) modes of study are available.

Members of the Department are highly qualified specialists in the field of theory, practice and methods of teaching foreign languages and translation. Head of the Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Galina Khatipovna Demessinova.

Staff of the Department consists of 7 Candidates of Sciences (in Philology and Pedagogy) (G.Kh. Demessinova, O.K. Zharmakin, R.A. Omarova, A.K. Kairbayeva, K.K. Karimova, G.K. Kenzhetayeva, and A.R. Dairova), 1 PhD in Pedagogy (S.R. Khudiyeva), 11 Masters of Philology, Linguistics and Pedagogy (G.O. Azylbekova, M.Zh. Baytemirova, Yu.O. Gafiatulina, Yu.M. Goryachikh, Z.V. Klyushina, V.V. Lyamzina, Zh.Ye. Ordabayeva, G.Zh. Syuyendykova, R.E. Tabynbayev, and S.M. Ergasheva). 1 Master's thesis (A.S. Idrisova) in Translation Studies and 1 PhD thesis (A.M. Akhmetbekova) in Philology are to be defended in 2015. Nostrification of the Diploma of Candidate of Sciences of the RF in the RK (G.O. Azylbekova) and defense of 3 Candidate's dissertations in Philology in Russia (Z.V. Klyushina, N.V. Potseluyeva, and Ye.A. Vishenkova) are expected.

The Department works on the problems of contrastive linguistics, written and oral, informative and literary translation and methods of teaching them, intercultural communication, education models abroad, gender linguistics, developmental education, and foreign language didactics.

Academic staff, students and graduates of the Department actively participate in international educational programs, study and have internships abroad.


Head of the Department

Full name: Galina Khatipovna Demessinova

Position: Head of the Department

Academic degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic rank: PSU Associate Professor

Education: higher, Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute, 0319 English (1979)

Courses taught: Theory of Translation; Basics of Typological Research; Basics of Scientific Research in Linguistics

Professional experience: 35 years

  • Publications: 65

Field of research: typological and contrastive linguistics, translation theory

Professional achievements: Y. Alstynsarin badge for significant achievements in educating the younger generation (2010); S. Toraighyrov Gold Medal for special services to the region (2010)


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140008, Pavlodar, 64 Lomov Str., room. 252. Tel.: 67-36-31, ext. 1346.


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