1. Agreements on performing contractual research projects were concluded with B. Akhmetov Pavlodar Pedagogical College, Department of Education of Pavlodar Region, Akim's Office of Pavlodar Region. Workshop on implementation of innovative methods in teaching foreign languages (36 hours) was held by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor D. Kapanova. Total amount of funding: KZT 100,000.

2. A certificate of implementation of a study guide in the profession-oriented German language (authors: B. Zhumabekova, M. Mostovoy) into the educational process at S. Toraighyrov PSU.

3. A monograph written by A. Raisova in cooperation with Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor I. Lazarenko “Development of Foreign Language Competence Using E-Learning Courses in a Multilingual Educational Environment, Case Study of Training Bachelors of Engineering and Technology in the Republic of Kazakhstan” (original title in Russian: Развитие иноязычной компетентности с использованием авторских электронных учебных курсов в условиях мультиязычной образовательной среды (на примере подготовки бакалавров техники и технологий Республики Казахстан)).

4. I. Makarikhina, A. Kairbayeva, I. Pezhman. Development of Foreign Language Teachers’ Didactic Preparation on the Base of the Competence Approach. An electronic monograph.

5. A. Raisova and I. Makarikhina defended their Candidate's dissertations in the Russian Federation.

6. Candidate of Philological Sciences, PSU Associate Professor B. Zhumabekova had a research internship in Germany under the DAAD program.

7. Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor M. Kulakhmetova and Master, Senior Lecturer G. Yergazinova had an internship in the UK under the Bolashak program.