Morale Building Activities

1. The existence and execution of morale-building activity plans in terms of the following programs: “Student as a Person, Citizen and Professional”, “Zhassyl Yel”, “Patriotic Education of PSU Students” and “Healthy Universities”.

Within the framework of the “Student as a Person, Citizen and Professional” program, curators hold meetings devoted to the moral education of students and their role in society.

At the beginning of September 2018, year 1 and 2 students groups have been assigned curators, who have been made aware of the morale-buildig activities plans of the faculties. Curators have drawn up their own work plans, which have already been collected, analyzed and corrected. Curators’ work is monitored throughout the academic year. Curators take an active part in department-, faculty- and university-wide events. Curators’ reports are collected and analyzed at the end of a semester.

Students go through a medical checkup and a chest radiograph (order No. 1-02-07/498 dated August 16, 2010) annually. Academic and teaching staff members of the Department regularly participate in the Fitness and Health University-wide Spartakiad. Curators of year one student groups have drawn up sociodemographic passports and health cards of students.

Within the framework of the “Patriotic Education of PSU Students” program, curators held meetings devoted to the Day of Constitution and Independence Day of Kazakhstan.

2. Participation of students and academic-teaching staff members in morale-building and cultural activities of the University (clubs, ensembles, the student theatre of pop sketches, etc.)

Academic and teaching staff members and students of the Department take an active part in the cultural life of the University.

3. The current state of sports and health-improving activities (participation in various competitions and membership in sport clubs), promotion of healthy lifestyles (the prevention of offenses, drug consumption and other vicious habits).

Curators hold monthly meetings with students devoted to healthy lifestyles and anti-drugs work.

4. Morale-building activities carried out at the Students’ House. Standby cover is provided according to the approved schedule, during which academic and teaching staff members of the Department hold meetings and talks with students to teach the basics of moral behavior, promote healthy lifestyles and explain the role of a modern specialist in society.