Bayantau Holiday House

In 2004 the University opened Bayantau holiday house in a picturesque place of Bayanaul area of Pavlodar region for organizing leisure of PSU academic and support staff, as well for students of the University. Bayantau is a holiday complex which includes 8 blocks for 160 people, a dining room, a medical center, control room, guard house, and an office building. The total square of buildings and structures is 2,694.1 sq.m. The square of the occupied territory is 6.64 ha.

Bayantau is equipped with satellite TV; the holiday house has a library and a medical center. Bayantau offers four meals a day, active leisure, hiking, sightseeing, sports and cultural events. In the evening, vacationers can go to the disco.

It has become a tradition to hold regional and national summer schools in different subjects at Bayantau Holiday House.

Discounts are available for the academic and support staff members, students, employees’ children and pensioners of the University. The cost of a package tour this year is KZT 3,500 for members of PSU and KZT 4,500 for outsiders. The price for children is KZT 3,000 (free of charge for children under the age of 7). There are discounts for the union members (academic and support staff members).