Social conditions

There are two comfortable dormitories at S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university. In the students house №2 in each of the rooms live 2-3 persons. All rooms are equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom with shower. In order to improve the conditions for living in the dormitory, there is a constant Internet access through wi-fi, also there is a laundry, equipment with modern washing machines, drying room, room for ironing. On the 2nd floor there is a canteen. In order to ensure the preservation of internal regulations, sanitation and hygiene standards works commandant, janitors and technical staff. House of students is under the roundtheclock security and video observation of the LLP "Sova-Pavlodar " security firm. There are appointed students self-governing board and their deputies. The hostel is approved and carried out the plan of educational work. Every day from 18: 00 till 19: 30 there is a check by the Department of Education and social work. 2-3 times a month there are meeting with vice-rectors and vice-deans.

Special attention is paid to orphaned students. At the beginning of each year, Vice Deans for General Affairs prepare socio-demographic data sheets for each faculty, where they provide information about the social status of the students of their faculties.

Orphaned Students

Orphans and students left without parental care get free meals in the canteen of the University. The Department of Education of Pavlodar provides free tickets for public transport.

According to the Rector's order, students who are fully supported by the state are provided with clothes, shoes and white goods, board allowance, and a one-time financial support for final-year students in accordance with the procedure established by the Government's Decree No. 320 dated March 12, 2012. Three first-year students were supplied with clothes, shoes and white goods. Total sum of expenses amounts to KZT 373,200.

New Year's Meeting of the Rector with Orphaned Students

On December 23, 2013, the Rector of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University Serik Omirbayev had a meeting with orphaned students and students left without parental care. Serik Omirbayev presented sweets and financial aid (KZT 6,000) to each student. Financial aid was provided from the University funds, while the sweets were provided by the Student Union Organization of S. Toraighyrov PSU (Rector's order No. 6/1-07/641 'On holding a meeting with orphaned students and students left without parental care' dated November 12, 2013). Total expenditure sum amounts to KZT 534,000.

Charity Events

It has already become a tradition for the University to hold charity events among the academic and support staff members in order to raise funds for purchasing winter clothes and shoes for orphaned students and students left without parental care. Accumulated funds are distributed among faculties in accordance with the number of orphaned students.

Our University held such an event from October 7 to 17, 2013. Total sum of the money raised during the event amounts to KZT 707,350 (including 427,650 raised by faculties and 279,700 raised by structural units).

Student House

S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University has a dormitory (Student House, located on 101 Tolstoy St.). Places in the dormitory are given, first of all, to socially disadvantaged students, grant winners and students from other regions of Kazakhstan. According to the decision made by the Academic Council of the University on August 29, 2013, orphaned students are exempt from paying for accommodation.

The Department for Educational Work and Social Affairs and the director of Student House carry out regular monitoring of accommodation availability for the students. Meeting the demand for accommodation is achieved by means of continuous control of compliance with the rules of living in dormitory carried out by the staff and director of the Students House.

Student House is under round-the-clock security and video surveillance of Sova Pavlodar LLP. The territory of the Students house is landscaped, it has benches and flowers.

Student House has its own self-governance body - the Student House Council representing the interests of students living in the dormitory. The Council organizes self-service work, involves students in community service activities both inside the dormitory (helping the watchers organize on-duty service and maintaining order) and in the adjacent territory, organizes various cultural and sports events.

The Student Council is working closely with the administration of the Students House, taking part in distribution of rooms. The Council is composed of 13 people (Chairman of the Council and people responsible for educational work). The work carried out by the Council is divided into sections: mass cultural events sector, sports sector, sanitary sector and editorial sector. The Student Council has its own room where meeting and conferences are held. Along with the administration, the Student Council appointed individuals responsible for maintaining order in each unit.