Training on “Foundation” program

Training on “Foundation” program

S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University enrolls students at the “Foundation” Faculty 

For studying on the «Foundation” Faculty are accepted all persons, without exception, with secondary, vocational, technical education.

Applicants should have education, confirmed by a standard document.


• studying university courses in the specialty, which subsequently will transferred at 1st  year;

• deep multilingual training, which will provide:

- Enrollment in the group with foreign language learning;

- Academic mobility;

- Participation in international programs;

- The freedom of communication.

• purposeful training for the subjects of complex testing (Kazakh language, Russian language, mathematics, history of Kazakhstan and subject of choice).

After participation in in complex testing students of the “Foundation” Faculty following the results of the competition for educational grants are enrolled to the 1 year at  S.Toraighyrov PSU on the chosen specialty.

There is a flexible system of discounts for the “Foundation» Faculty graduates, those who are entered S. Toraighyrov PSU in the grant of MES RK, made a partial refund in the amount of 50% of the tuition fees in the “Foundation” Faculty; enrolled on a full compensation at S. Toraighyrov PSU made discount for 1 semester of 1 year in the amount 30% of the tuition fees at the university.

Cost of education:

90 000 per year.

Mode of study:


Admission Dates:

Applications are accepted June 20 till  August 31

Our address:

Pavlodar, st. Ak. Chokin, 139

(Building "B" of S. Toraighyrov PSU)


Cabinet № 202, tel. 67-36-50


Evening preparatory courses to UNT and CTA

Training courses 

The “Foundation” Faculty of  S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state university work preparatory courses in all subjects required for the delivery of UNT and  KTA.

Training on preparatory courses is paid, the cost depends on the duration and the number of selected subjects.

You can register for 1, 2, 3, or five subjects. Payment can be made on a monthly basis.

Classes are held in the form of lectures and practical classes, in the state and Russian languages, by teacher who have a big experience in students training. For the control of students' knowledge is regularly held trial testing.

Time of classes:

from 16.30 till 18.55 hours (3 school lessons) -

1 time per week for each subject.


Every year 90% of our students are the holders of state educational grants.


Every month, the 10th day at 17.00, is hold organizational meeting on the intake of students for the preparatory course, groups are formed with different terms of training.


You can register for training courses or get more information at:

Pavlodar, st. Ak. Chokin, 139

(Building "B" of S. Toraighyrov PSU)

Cabinet № 202, tel. 67-36-50


Important dates

Start of the admissions office - June 20

Applications for creative specialties - from June 20 to July 1

Creative exams - from July 02 to  July  07

Applications for the award of the state grant - from July 23 to July  31 


Distant preparatory courses to UNT and CTA

S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University invites you to a distant training courses for the UNT (CTA for college graduates).

You do not need to travel to Pavlodar. Registration for distance courses completely in online format.

1) You need to visit the official page

2) Find tab – Prospective Students -online registration. Registration is free, you should fill out a short questionnaire.

3) After the registration will open common page, where there is information about the specialties of PSU which disciplines are needed for admission to a particular profession, passing score for 2015, etc.

4) Here you can pass trial testing on any subject.

5) On this page you will find an invitation to our online classes, payment information: 1800 tenge per month for 1 discipline.

6) Fill in the electronic version of the agreement and click the button: agreed with the terms of the contract - send.

7) Payment method: transfer of funds to the account, the account number and bank details will be clearly shown, it is possible to calculate by the Halyk Bank, Eurasian Bank. The postal order is possible to the address of our university: Pavlodar, st. Lomov, 64 , S.Toraighyrov PSU, for the preparation distant courses. (Ruble account - for living in Russia).

8) After payment you will have access to video lectures, testing on the subject in full and on-line classes.

You can watch video lectures and test several times at a convenient time for you. The online classes will be once a week, you will see their schedule. On on-line classes – you can communicate with the teacher, in a chat, you can ask questions to the teacher, together discuss difficult subjects, get advice on your questions.

Admission of foreign citizens to study in higher educational institutions on a paid basis is carried out in the form of an interview. Free higher education (MES RK grant) for foreign citizens is carried out on a competitive basis.

If you have any questions, you can always ask at the blog of “Foundation” Dean. We will respond to you in time!

We invite you, dear graduates, to  our distant training courses!


Our address:

Pavlodar, st. Academician Chokin, 139,

202 rooms, 301,305a

building "B" of S.Toraighyrov PSU.

Phone: 8 (718) 2 - 67-36-50


Preparatory Department for representatives of foreign Kazakh diaspora, oralmans and foreign citizens

Preparatory department

In 2014, at the “Foundation” Faculty of S.Toraighyrov PSU was opened the preparatory department for representatives of foreign Kazakh diaspora, oralmans and foreign citizens.

The purpose of the preparatory department - creation the conditions for their adaptation and further training in the country.

Studying at the department is carried out in full-time form in the Kazakh and Russian languages, both in the state educational order and on a paid basis.

Classes begin on October 1.

Training time is 9 months.


Students are provided with dormitory (free), enrolled in government order receive a monthly get scholarship. According to the results of testing at the end of the academic year, they are entitled to receive education in Kazakhstan universities in the state educational grant.

During the school year, students study the following subjects:

- Kazakh language;

- History of Kazakhstan;

- Mathematics;

- Majors (physics, foreign language, biology, geography, world history, Kazakh literature).

Additional subjects:

- Kazakh language;

- Russian language;




Admission requirements to the preparatory department

At the preparatory department are accepted:

- School graduates

- College graduates


For representatives of foreign Kazakh diaspora, oralmans and foreign citizens there is the opportunity to study at the preparatory department on the basis of state order - the educational grant, for which they pass a complex examination in two subjects: mathematics and language of study: Kazakh or Russian. For foreigners who do not speak Kazakh and Russian language exam can be taken in English.


Persons wishing to be trained on a commercial basis, are accepted without examination


Documents required for entry of citizens of Kazakhstan:

• Application in any form

• The original document on secondary general, initial professional (technical and professional), secondary vocational (post-secondary) or higher education and the supplement to it.

• A copy of an identity document or passport;

• 6 photos 3x4;

• Medical certificate form 086-U


For admission to the preparatory departments of universities, foreigners and stateless persons need tosubmit the following documents:

• Application in any form

• notarized (or certified in the foreign office of the Republic of Kazakhstan) translation of the document on education and its supplement on the state and / or Russian language;

• Notarized copies of documents proving the identity of the owner of the document of education and passport + original;

• 6 photos 3x4;

• Medical certificate on Form 086-U (with the stamp of narcological and  psychoneurologic dispensary) + copy, Wassermann test, fluorography (the original), a copy of the vaccination card with the translation.


You can register for training courses or get more information at:

Pavlodar, st. Ak. Chokin, 139

(Building "B" of S. Toraighyrov PSU)

Cabinet № 202, tel. 8 (718 2) 67-36-50

Mobile phone.: 8 705 547 34 88

8 707 547 34 88


Specialized classes

Specialized classes

Specialized classes are formed on a contractual basis with a training period of 2 years among the number of students of 10 classes. Then contracts are signed between schools and the university. Selection of specialties for further education determines school from the list of specialties offered by us, taking into account the interests, aptitudes and abilities of students. During the training period, students of specialized classes receive in-depth training in the subjects necessary for the UNT and specialized training for one of the working profession with certification:

- Car mechanic;

- The operator of an engineering drawing;

- Draftsman;

- Administrative assistant with knowledge of English language;

- Assayer;

- Programmer;

- Technologist of cooking.

Following the results of 2 years of training and after passing the final qualifying exam students will get a certificate of corresponding qualification.


Our address:

Pavlodar, st. Academician Chokin, 139,

202 rooms, 301,305a

building "B" of S.Toraighyrov PSU.

Phone: 8 (718) 2 - 67-36-50