Independent research topics:

1. Study of renewable energy sources and modern NC machines.

2. Study of quality and increasing efficiency of industrial products.

3. Study of the development, efficiency and reliability of vehicles.

4. Heat treatment of metals.

5. Improving the quality of road construction materials.

6. Study of the main oil and gas pipelines.

7. Research and development of new technologies for the production of complex iron-carbon-containing materials for metallurgical processing and new commercial products from industrial metallurgical wastes.

State-funded research projects: Obtaining high-energy coal brick out of Ekibastuz coal using the know-how materials, the amount of funding for 2015: KZT 5,000,000, supervisor: Ye. S. Abdrakhmanov.

Contractual research:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization concluded a contract with IRTYSH-STANDARD LLP Scientific and Practical Centre of Expertise and Certification to perform contractual research work on the topic: “Providing scientific and technical assistance to develop examples of metrological support in the manufacture and quality control of engineering products”.

The Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics concluded an agreement with the Research Institute of Transport and Communications. Title of the project: “Optimization of the route network of public passenger transport in Pavlodar”.

The Department of Mechanics and Oil and Gas Engineering concluded contracts with Kompaniya Neftekhim Ltd. and Forward PW./p>

3 out of 6 projects submitted by members of the Faculty for Zhas Ghalym competition received grants (KZT 200,000 each). Scientific supervisors: T. Toktaganov, A. Bogomolov, and R. Mukanov.

Students’ scientific clubs

There are 2 students' scientific clubs at the Department of Metallurgy:

1 Art Casting supervised by Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor M.M. Suyundikov.

2 Young Metallurgist supervised by Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor A.V. Bogomolov.

There is a Student Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization established by the order of the rector. SDB performs development work in the following areas:

1 Alternative technology for production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

2 New cutting tools.

Academic staff of the Faculty received over 20 innovative patents.