Curriculum Support and Development

After the post-Soviet reorganization of education system, the Faculty has changed its approach to the educational process. It is based on new standards of specialities, new models of specialists.

Curriculum support and development activities are aimed at:

- working out of new standards of specialities;

- development of sets of teaching materials for disciplines;

- development of terminological dictionaries;

- development of methods for students' scientific research.

The model of a specialist is based on two objectively existing factors:

- scientific and technical progress;

- requirements of the labor market.

The Faculty has the engines research and production center and students' design bureau, which has given a significant boost to the development of students' research work.

Faculty members received more than 100 author's certificates, published over 1,500 scientific and methodological works.

Branches of the Faculty departments were established in the following organizations:

- Kompaniya Neftekhim Ltd. LLP;

- Polymer LLP;

- KazInSt PF RSE;

- KSP Steel PF LLP;

- Bus Depot No. 1;

- KTZh Pavlodar Training Center for Railway Workers;

- Kazakhstan Temіrzholy JSC - Pavlodar branch of the road.

Students in 5B070900 Metallurgy, 5071200 Mechanical Engineering, 5B073200 Standardization, Metrology and Certification, 5B072400 Technological Machines and Equipment are trained in the dual system. Their laboratory and practical classes are held at KSP Steel LLP.

The following scholars visited PSU under the program for inviting foreign lecturers: Miroslav Svitek, PhD, Professor of Czech Technical University, Czech Republic, delivered a lecture on Intelligent Transport Systems;

- Marek Mezitis, PhD, Professor of Riga Technical University (Latvia), delivered a lecture on Creation of Automated Systems Based on Programmable Logic Controllers;

- M. Shaldybin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University, taught several special courses.

1st-year and 2nd-year Master's students had an internship at St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A. Suleymenov (MTT-21n) took part in the external academic mobility program and went to Riga, Latvia.

In the first semester of the 2015-2016 academic year, a student of SMS-301 (I. S. Kassainova) went to Riga Technical University (Riga, Latvia) and two students of MS-202 (D. A. Aydarkhanov, L. D. Zhanbulatov) went to Wroclaw University of Technology (Wroclaw, Poland) under the external academic mobility program. A student of Mzh-301 (K. Sh. Bekenov) went to Semey State University (Semipalatinsk) and a student of Mt-301 (A. T. Serikbay) went to Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda) under the internal academic mobility program.