During the reporting period, there were curatorial hours devoted to the Day of Knowledge, Health Week, Matriculation, International Day of Older Persons, World AIDS Day, Day of the First President, Independence Day, and New Year's celebration.

The Matriculation ceremony for freshmen was held in the Concert Hall of S. Toraighyrov PSU on October 9, 2014. Students of the 2nd and 3rd years took an active part in organization of the event. There was a competition among Faculties, and the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport won the main prize.

From October 7 to 17, 2014, there was a fund-raising charity event for orphans studying at PSU. The Faculty has 9 orphaned students.

Members of the Faculty also actively work with students living in the Students' House (dormitory); they check compliance with the rules of living in the dormitory and carry out on-duty watch based on the Rector's order.

Academic and support staff of the Faculty, as well as its students take an active part in the social life, cultural and sporting events, competitions and contests.

Students have the opportunity to participate in annual conferences (Satpayev Readings), competitions and research projects, sports clubs and contests, KVN and other events and activities. Preparing and holding events, festivals and sporting competitions contribute to formation of a cohesive community of students.

Every year the University holds a student self-governance week. There is a monitor in each academic group. Student self-governance is controlled by the Student Dean's Office which is formed of active students with good academic performance.

As a part of the celebration program of the Mechanical Engineering Day (last Sunday of September), the Faculty and active members of the student self-governance movement (Akbota Sarybay, Kanat Arkalykov, Abay Sarybay, Yelaman Sherba, Zhanserik Toktargaziyev, etc.) held a "Lego" competition. Students were given some "symbols" of mechanical engineering, i.e. bolts and nuts, and they had to put together a connection.

Winners of the competition received prizes and diplomas:

1st prize: R. Kabdrashitova and D. Ayken

2nd prize: D. Kaiyrkesh and G. Saduakasov

3rd prize: B. Tolegen and U. Daykenova.

Administration of the Faculty and members of the student self-governance movement will hold such competitions on regular basis.

As a part of the Labor Day celebration program, students of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport had a meeting with Kabidolla Shakarimov, the Chairman of Zamandas (a club for veterans of the Pavlodar region), on September 17, 2014. On September 25, 2014, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Abylkhan Karakayev held a meeting with Master's degree students of the Faculty where he told about patenting of research findings as one of the most important aspects of researcher's work.

On November 19, 2014, members of the Center for Analysis and Development of Interfaith Relations (Z. Asanbayeva and G. Begimbayeva) and A. Utepov, Naib-Imam of Ak Meshіt, delivered a lecture on Prevention of Involvement of Young People in Destructive Cults and Pseudo-Religious Organizations, Countering Contemporary Religious Extremism and Terrorism. The films "Road to the Truth" and "The Syrian Tap" were also shown.

The following activities were carried out from February 9 to 22, 2015: Dean of the Faculty T. Toktaganov and Professor N. Dudak held a meeting with students living in the dormitory; the concert "The Faculty As Viewed by Students"; demonstration of films "Repentance", "Liars", "Road to the Truth", etc. as a part of the state program for combating religious extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan; Professor N. Dudak delivered a series of lectures entitled "A Person as a Part of the System" and "Multicultural Education of Students".

On March 17-18, the Faculty held a series of events as a part of the celebration of Nauryz and the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Throughout the celebration, a special committee (composed of the Dean of the Faculty T. Toktaganov, custodian B. Bekdosova, librarian L. Yeryomina, medical assistant A. Bekmyrza, specialist of the Division of Personnel Management A. Mukatova, specialist of the Division of Learning Process Organization D. Aygozhina, and Head of the Learning Workshop T. Kumarov) were examining wall newspapers and exhibits presented at National Culture Exhibitions held by departments of the Faculty.

The best exhibition was at the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization won the first prize in the Best Wall Newspaper category, the second prize was awarded to members of the Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics, while the Department of Mechanics and Oil and Gas Engineering received the third prize.

The celebration of Nauryz took place in B-201 on March 18. The concert program included congratulations from Departments, a quiz, various performances, and a presentation of traditions and customs of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

There was a demonstration of national costumes, songs, dances and traditions of different ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan, i.e. Kazakhs, Russians, Chechens, Georgians and others.

The culmination of the event was the announcement of the Grand Prix winners and Dean's Challenge Cup holders. The Department of Mechanics and Oil and Gas Engineering claimed both prizes. Other departments also received diplomas:

1st-place diploma: Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics;

2nd-place diploma: Department of Metallurgy;

3rd-place diploma: Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization.

The following departments received prizes for best presentations of national traditions and customs:

1st prize: Department of Mechanics and Oil & Gas Engineering;

2nd prize: Department of Metallurgy;

3rd prize: Department of Transport Equipment and Logistics.

The key for labor nurturing is a combination of learning and productive labor. Work on cleaning and landscaping the territories assigned to the Faculty is carried out according to the approved schedule. Students of all departments are involved in this work.