The head of division - Saltanat Yerkinovna Sharipova


 The activity’s directions:

  • Creation and introduction and accompany automatized management systems and automatized specialists’ work places.
  • Working out and refreshment educational university portal.

The priority aims and tasks:

  • Perfecting informatization management university system.
  • Providing informational programming accompaniment of the university educational credit system.
  • Functional providing with informatization university management.
  • Integrational providing with informatization university management process.
  • Forming the requirements to informatization university management projects.
  • Controlling informatization university management projects execution.
  • Functioning and refreshment of information and supporting in a real condition of educational university portal.
  • Safety of software and information of educational university portal, spare information copying.
  • Introduction and accompanying automatized collection systems, processing, safety and transferring information.
  • Informational providing teaching-methodological, scientific-investigation and administrative- householding university activity.


Employees of the Division:



64 Lomov st., Pavlodar

MLB, А1-106

tel. 8-7182-673633 (1184)