List of Publications by Academic and Research Staff Members of S. Toraighyrov PSU in Scientific Journals Included in the Scopus and Thomson Reuters Databases in 2014

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and co-authors
Title of the publication Bibliographic description Impact Factor
1. Markus Hauck, Choimaa Dulamsuren, Badamdorj Bayartogtokh, Kaman Ulykpan, Ulzhan D. Burkitbaeva, et al. Relationships between the diversity patterns of vascular plants, lichens and invertebrates in the Central Asian forest-steppe ecotone Biodivers Conserv Volume 23, Issue 5, May 2014, Pages 1105-1117 2,065
2. Kletsel M., Mashrapov B. [Zabezpieczenie rozdzielnic elektrycznych przed wyładowaniami łukowymi bazujące na porównaniu prądu niezrównoważenia filtru] Protection of complete switchgear against arc faults based on comparison of filter unbalance current Przeglad Elektrotechniczny Volume 90, Issue 5, 2014, Pages 204-206 0,548
3. Shakhmetova N. A., Bekbosynova A.N. Proper name as a cultural text Life Science Journal, Volume 11, Issue 10 SPEC. ISSUE, 2014, Article number 86, Pages 451-456 0.312
4. Zhantlesova A.B., Kletsel’ M.Ya., Maishev P.N., Neftisov A.V. Characterizing a sustained short-circuit current with the use of reed relays Russian Electrical Engineering Volume 85, Issue 4, April 2014, Pages 210-216 0,194
5. Mark Kletsel, Nariman Kabdualiyev, Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Alexander Neftissov [Zabezpieczenia szynowych przeła{ogonek}czników kontaktronowych] Protection of busbar based on reed switches Przegląd Elektrotechniczny, Volume 90, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 88-89 0,548
6. Yakovlevich, K.M., Nurlanovich, B.A. , Ramazanovich, A.Z., Nikolaevich, G.V. Constructions and details for fixing magnetically operated sealed switches in the closed electrical pathways Proceedings of 2014 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Control Systems, MEACS 2014 15 December 2014 Scopus базасына енген
7. Novozhilov A., Kryukova Y., Novozhilov Т. A method of diagnostics of induction-motor rotor eccentricity Russian Electrical Engineering - 2014, Volume 85, Issue 7, pp 457-459 0,194
8. Nikiforov A.S. Prikhodko E.V. Kingibekova A.K. Karmanov A.E. Investigation of the ultimate strength of periclase-carbon refractory materials and analysis of their hign temperature strength Glass and ceramics. Vol.71.Nos 3-4, pp 137-138 July. 2014. ISSN 0361-7610. 0,376
9. Nickolai S. Dudak, Asylbek Zh. Kasenov, Zhanar K. Musina, Galiya T. Itybaeva, Aizhan Zh. Taskarina Processing of holes with a reamer-broach Life Science of Journal// 2014,#11(10)-pp. 282-288. 0,312
10. Vladimir Kalashnikov, Pavel Kornienko, Larisa Gorshkova, Gennadiy Gakshteter and Aliya Sarsenbayeva Development of Compositions of Self-compacting Fine-grained Refractory Concrete Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology Vol. 12, 299-309, September 2014 / Copyright © 2014 Japan Concrete Institute 0,508
11. Машеков С.А., Смайлова Н.Т., Бекмуханбетова Ш.А., Нугман Е.З., Смайлова Г.А. Исследование разнотолщинности полос при прокатке на продольно-клиновом стане Известия вузов. Цветная металлургия • №4 с.36-41 • 2014 (Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals) 0,121
12. Alexey Bogomolov, Petr Bykov, Radul Serzhanov Shift cogging modeling of the continuously cast bars Life Science Journal 2014;11(6s) 0,312
13. Ықсан Ж.М., Канаев А.Т., Богомолов А.В., Сержанов Р.И. Quantitative assessment of efficiency of mechanisms of hardening ferritic-pearlitic steels Life Science Journal, 2014; 11(12s): (ISSN: 1097-8135), с. 908–911. 0,312
14. Dudak, N.S. , Itybaeva, G.T., Musina, Z.K., Kasenov, A.Z., Taskarina, A.Z. A new pass-through lathe cutter Russian Engineering Research Volume 34, Issue 11, 5 December 2014, Pages 705-707 0,194
15. Novozhilov A., Kryukova Y., Kislov A., Andreyeva O., Novozhilov T. Using artificial neural network for the diagnosis of an asynchronous motor rotor eccentricity Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue 7, 2014, Article number 65, Pages 502-505 0,312
16. Novozhilov A., Kryukova Y., Kislov A., Andreyeva O., Novozhilov T. Using artificial neural network for the diagnosis of an asynchronous motor rotor eccentricity Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue SPEC. ISSUE 8, 2014, Article number 24, Pages 116-119 0,312
17. Novozhilov A., Kryukova Y., Andreyeva O., Novozhilov T. Diagnostic system induction motor rotor eccentricity by phase current [System diagnozowania ekscentryczności wirnika silnika indukcyjnego] Przeglad Elektrotechniczny Volume 90, Issue 9, 1 August 2014, Pages 157-159 0,548
18. Karimbergenova Madina Experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan in realization of sustainable development policy Actual Problems of Economics. Scientific economic Journal, г. Киев, Украина, 2014, с. 86-95. 0,180
19. Gulmira D. Bayandina Prospects for public. Private Partnership in the Municipal Sector: the study case of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan Actual Problems of Economics. Scientific economic Journal, г. Киев, Украина, 2014. (1s2) 0,190
20. Oleg Komarov, Rishat Saurbayev Social study of problems of language development and lingual situation in Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan Life Science Journal 2014;11(5s). Pages 104-110 0,312
21. Komarov, O.E., Sarbalayev, Z.T., Saurbayev, R.Z Sociological study of the language situation in Kazakhstan (on the data of Asana city) Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue 10 SPEC. ISSUE, 2014, Article number 45, Pages 254-259 0,312
22. Imambayeva G., Akhmetova A., Akhmetov Y,. Bekirogullari Z., Minas MY The study of passive voice in Kazakh and Russian Languages Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences (icCSBs) Book Series: European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences Volume: 1 Pages: 154-160 Thomson Reuters базасына енген
23. Alibi Shapauov, Nartai Zhusupov, Muhabbat, Baratova, Kadyrova, Bakhytzhan,Talaspayeva, Zhanar, Aktanova, Aiman, Zhorakpaeva, Meyramgul, Nurgul, Agaliyeva Dramatic effect, Style and Speech of Characters of Literary and Art Piece (from Epos to Drama) Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue SPEC. ISSUE 4, 2014, Pages 311-315 0,312
24. Nartay Zhuzupov, Muhhabat Baratova, Ayman Zeynullina, Zhaksybay Sarybalayev, Bakytzhan, Kadyrova Turkic poetry and Mashkhur Zhusip Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue SPEC. ISSUE 5, 2014, Article number 25, Pages 132-139 0,312
25. Nartai Zhusupov, Zhaksybai Sarbalayev, Nazira Shakhmetova, Zakiya Latypova, Mahabbat Baratova Military armor of Kazakhs: ethno-linguistic description Life Science Journal 2014;11(5s) 0,312
26. Nartai Zhusupov, Muhabbat Baratova Evolution of Islamic bonds, Turkic-Kazakh cultural heritage (artistic-language and methodological features of Zhusip Balasaguni and Mashһur-Zhusip) Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue 6 SPEC. ISSUE, 2014, Pages 300-303 0,312
27. Nartai Zhusupov, Mukhabbat Baratova, Aiman Zeinullina, Kanat Kanapianov, Gaukhar Zhumabekova Genre originality of Mashkhur Zhusip lyrics Life Science Journal 2014;11(8s) 0,312
28. N.K. Zhussupov, K.N., Kanapianov, Z.K., Kurmanova, B.T., Batkeeva, M.N,. Baratova, Z.H. Latypova Kazakh poetry of the XIX century: problem of its translation into other languages Life Science Journal 2014;11(11s) 0,312
29. Nartai Zhussupov, Mukhabbat Baratova, Bakit Batkeeva, Bakhytgul Kapasova Features of written heritage of Mashkhur Zhusip Kopeev Life Science Journal 2014;11(12s) 0,312
30. Nartay Zhusupov, Muhabbat Baratova, Zhaksybai Sarbalaev, Bakhytgul Kapasova, Zakia Latypova, Saule Ksembaeva Style nature Mashkhur Zhusip Kopeev’s poems Life Science Journal 2014;11(12s) 0,312
31. Orazbek, M., Zhussupov, N., Zhumagulov, S., Baitanasova, K.M., Mentebayeva, A.E., Baratova, M Consciousness and unconsciousness in a work of art Life Science Journal Volume 11, Issue SPEC. ISSUE 11, 2014, Article number 118, Pages 522-525 0,312
32. Laura Zhussupova, Nartai Zhussupov, Estai Zhussupov, Mukhabbat Baratova, Ertai, Zhussupov Mashkhur Zhusip and Turkics sources Life Science Journal 2014;11(11s) 0,312
33. Laura Zhussupova, Nartai Zhussupov, Estai Zhussupov, Mukhabbat Baratova, Ertai Zhussupov Mashkhur Zhusip and oral historical tradition Life Science Journal 2014;11(11s) 0,312
34. Bakyt Yskak, Aiman Zeinulina, Farida Zhumazhanova Kazakh short stories: continuing the tradition (II half of XXth century) Life Science Journal 2014;11(7s) Pages: 339-342 0,312
35. Orazbek M., Zeinulina A., Toxambayeva A., Nossiyeva N., Shapauov A., Shynar S., Ismailova G. Problems lyrical nature and dramatic effect in the lyrical compositions Life Science Journal 8, 2014, Pages 284-286 0,312
36. Aiman Zeinulina, Bakyt Yskak, Farida Zhumazhanova Chapter I. Formation of Kazakh novel and creative work of Zh. Aimautov Life Science Journal 2014;11(5s). Pages: 372-375 0,312
37. Karipzhanova Г.Т., Karipzhanova А.О., Kadirova Б.М., Zhumabekova Б.К. Symbols in Poet Mukhtar Shakhanov’s Linguistic Personality Life Science Journal 2014;11(10). 0,312
38. Sh.B. Seitova, A. K.Trushev, et al. Ethno-linguistic description of set expressions formed by the names of the plants in the Kazakh language Life Science Journal 2014;11(9s) 0,312
39. Daniyar Mergaliyev, Zhaksybay Sarbalayev, Mikhail h Popandopulo The influence of folk traditions to the art of Kazakhstan Life Science Journal 2014;11(10s) 0,312
40. Daniyar Mergaliyev Сommunication as method of musical teacher’s personality forming Life Science Journal 2014;11(12s) 0,312
41. A. G.Tsaregorodtseva, G. S.Azhayev, V.A.Kamkin, E. A. Geldymamedova, M. A.Alkeev Geoecological environmental evaluation of Pavlodar region of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bothalia Journal, 2014, Vol 44, No. 5; May 2014 0,203
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48. M.A. Alkeyev, A.G.Tsaregorodtseva Recreational Zoning in the Degree of Attractiveness of Natural Landscapes on the Example of the Pavlodar Region of Kazakhstan World Applied Sciences Journal 29 (1): 68-76, 2014 0,353
49. Yuliya Kanibolotskaya, Tatyana Vakhlamova, Hans-Peter Rusterholz, Bruno Baur Changes in plant diversity along an urban–rural gradient in an expanding city in Kazakhstan, Western Siberia Landscape and Urban Planning, 132 (2014), p.111–120 2,606
50. Erkasov R.Sh. , Nesmeyanova R.M., Kolpek A., Abdullina G.G. Interaction in the manganese sulfate-carbamide-sulfuric acid-water system at 25°C Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Volume 59, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 606-608 0,545
51. Kim, Mariya D.; Dergunov, Sergey A.; Richter, Andrew G.; Kenbeilova S., et al. Facile Directed Assembly of Hollow Polymer Nanocapsules within Spontaneously Formed Catanionic Surfactant Vesicles LANGMUIR Volume: 30 Issue: 24 Pages: 7061-7069 Published: JUN 24 2014 4,384
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53. Mukhamedzhanovna, T.G. , Emilevna, P.N., Ivanovna, B.E.., Raimbekovna, Z.A., Dzhambulovna, A.S Theoretical bases of administrative abilities formation of technical specialties students Life Science Journal, Volume 11, Issue SPEC. ISSUE 7, 2014, Article number 90, Pages 423-427 0,165
54. Кажикенова Г.М., Раиссова А.Б., Лазаренко И.Р., Кулахметова М.С., Ергазинова Г.Д. Enhancement of Kazakhstani technical university students, foreign language competence with the use of copyrighted e-learning courses in multilingual environment Life Science Journal, 2014; 11 (12). Р.295-299. 0,312
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58. Fatima Tashimova, Nelly Pfeifer, Elena Burdina, Aynash Kudysheva, NellyPigovaeva Dependence of student's educational activity meanings on the peculiarities of coping behavior Global Conference on Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching Book Series: Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Volume: 136 Pages: 506-510 Published: 2014 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 136 ( 2014 ) 506 – 510 Thomson Reuters базасына енген
59. Yergaliyev K. S., Asanbayeva Y. B., Kuralkanova B.Sh., Moldazhanova A.K.., Yergaliyeva S. Zh. Role and functions of a newspaper headline Life Science Journal 2014;11(11). Pages: 540-543 0,312
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