History of the Department

The Department of Legal Studies of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University was founded in 2001. Head of the Department is Gulnara Akhmedzhanova. She is a Doctor of Juridical Sciences, PSU Professor, Full Member of IIA.

The following professors, associate professors and lecturers work at the Department: Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor O.K. Biktasov, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor B.Kh. Olzhabayev, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor R.V. Grigoryeva, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor K.B. Kosyntayev, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor N.M. Musabekova, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor D.A. Abdakimova, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor T.E. Voronova, etc.

Z. О. Suleimenova and Z. R. Sattarova are auxiliary staff members.


Head of the Department

Gulnara Bisengazizovna Akhmedzhanova, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor, Full Member of IIA, Head of the Department

In 1997, she defended her Candidate's dissertation entitled “Legal Foundations of Subsoil Protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan” at dissertation council 12.00.06, Al-Farabi KazSU.

Laureate of the State Prize for Talented Young Scientists from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2000-2002). Member of the Editorial Board of Olketanu Journal of S. Toraighyrov PSU. Member of the Education Board in Jurisprudence at Kazakh University of Humanities and Law in Astana.

Certificate “QMS ISO 9000:2000”; Best Head of Department (2006); Best Associate Professor (2007).

Certificate of Merit from the city branch of Nur Otan for active work in implementation of Nur Otan policy.

Best Lecturer in the Field of Law, winner of the national competition (2008).

She defended her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Juridical Sciences in 2010. Title of the dissertation: “Institution of Oath in the System of the Kazakh Customary Law”. The rank of PSU Professor was conferred upon her in 2011. In 2011 she was awarded the title of Academician of IIA .

She has over 35 publications, 3 study guides, a monograph "Biy Court and the Institution of the Oath in the Customary Law of the Kazakhs".


Location of the Department: Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St., room 425, tel. (8-7182) 67-36-85 (ext. 11-68)



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