Branch of the Labor Union of Education and Science Workers of Pavlador Region

Labor Union Organization of S. Toraighyrov PSU Employees


Main Objectives of the Labor Union Organization of S. Toraighyrov PSU Employees

The main field of activity is regulation of social, economic and labor relations between the administration and employees.


1.1 The enforcement of labor and social guarantees for employees;

1.2 Raising the living standards of workers;

1.3 Ensuring mutual responsibility of the parties for the implementation of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other acts containing norms of labor law as well as the present Treaty.


Members of the Labor Union Committee:

1. Gulnara Turganovna Shamshudinova, the Chairperson of the Labor Union Organization.

2. Galina Vladimirovna Kaptyur, a member of the Labor Union Committee.

3. Muketay Karimzhanovna Tlenbekova, a member of the Labor Union Committee.


Members of the Control Committee:

1. Svetlana Maksutovna Khasenova, the Chairperson of the Control Committee

2. Lyazat Mashkenovna Shokubayeva, a member of the Control Committee

3. Baglan Makhmutovna Bekdosova, a member of the Control Committee.


Health is Wealth: the Mix of Sportsmanship, Youthful Fervor and Passion

From January 14 to 28, 2019, the University held the traditional annual games based sports Spartakiad “Densaulyk-Zor baylyk” (Health is Wealth) among its teaching and other staff members, having a history of several decades.

The teams of the University’s faculties and structural units took part in the competition featuring 8 sports categories (chess, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, gymnastics, air rifle shooting, men’s combined heaving events and tug ofwar). It should be noted that there were a record number of young and experienced supporters of a healthy lifestyle taking part in the 2019 competition.

The competition’s atmosphere was fierce, friendly, competitive and mutually supportive. Judges, participants and fans were in suspense till the end of the competition.

According to the results of the competition, prizes were awarded as follows:

The team of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies (Dean: N. A. Ispulov) claimed the overall victory of the competition and was awarded the Challenge Cup.

The team of the Faculty of Energy Engineering (Dean: A. P. Kislov) came second.

The team representing the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport (Dean: K. K. Abishev) became the third runner-up in the contest.

Winners and prize holders across all sports categories were awarded Honorary Certificates and cash prizes.

The Trade Union Committee of PSU employees presented 3 nominations for the first time: “Best Dean-Athlete”, “Best Sports Player” and “Most Valuable Player”. The “Best Dean-Athlete” award was given to Dean, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences N. A. Ispulov. T. S. Dossanov, Head of the Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences won the “Best Sports Player” award. B. Ye. Mashrapov, a senior lecturer, PhD, received the “Most Valuable player” award.



The competition “Densaulyk – Zor baylyk”

On March 17, 2019, the competition “Densaulyk – Zor baylyk” (Health is Wealth) in cross country skiing events was held at the ski base of the Ussolsky district dedicated to the memory of the senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Mikhail Sergeyevich Vorkunov, who made a great contribution to the development of the Department and promotion of sports, physical education and healthy lifestyle in the student community.


The competition in sports fishing among the teaching and other staff members of the University has always been the culmination of the Spartakiad. It has always been characterized by a special atmosphere set by avid fans of fishing, for whom the frost, wind and snow is not a hindrance. This year, this fun and energizing competition was held on March 17.

The Spartakiad “Densaulyk – Zor baylyk” (Health is Wealth), which was organized and held among teaching and other staff members of S. Toraighyrov PSU at a high sports level by the University’s Sports Club “Sunkar” under the leadership of its Chairman Zhaudat Shamilyevich Ableyev, was a success.

The University administration and Trade Union Committee of employees of PSU awarded Zh. Sh. Ableyev with an honorary diploma and a cash prize for the excellent organization and holding of the competition, as well as for attracting new adherents of a healthy lifestyle.


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