The Imaginative Literature Sector 

The popularization of imaginative literature through planned and systematic activity and the plainly organized system of events furthered the establishment of an imaginative literature sector on March 01, 2010. The sector consists of a delivery desk and a reading room. The sector’s recourses comprise world imaginative literature and recreational reading books. Open access to the resources makes it possible for readers to become absorbed in a book, to get acquainted with other periodicals.

The club of book lovers “Vdokhnoveniye” (inspiration) has been established at the sector with the support of students and the teaching staff of the University in order to increase the effectiveness of its activity. The club became the center of spiritual and intellectual communication of students. It often holds vivid and memorable events, literary musical programs, meetings with interesting people, conferences, verbal communication journals, excursions and trips. A book is included in all events. 

Comfort, coziness and silence in the reading room create favorable atmosphere for its users. 

We invite you to visit the imaginative literature sector (room 3/1). The Sector is open from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays.