Achievements of Faculty 

1. By decision of the Accreditation Board of Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) in 2014, 6 educational programs of the Faculty: 5B0171600 "Instrumentation"; 6M071600 "Instrumentation"; 5B0704000 "Computers and Software"; 6M011100 "Informatics", 6M060100 - "Mathematics"; 6M060400 - "Mathematics" received specialized accreditation for a period of 5 years.

2. By decision of the International Accreditation Council ASIIN (Germany) on April 8, 2016 educational program 5B060200 - Informatics and 5B070300 - Information systems accredited until 28 April, 2017, as well as educational program 6M060200 - Informatics and 6M070300 - Information Systems received accreditation.

3. In 2016, at rating IQAA 2016 in the rankings of educational programs, the specialties of Faculty were situated as follows:

5B071600- "Instrumentation" - 1st place (out of 3 universities);

5B070300- "Information Systems" - 5th place (out of 15 universities);

5B070400- "Computers and Software" – 7th place (out of 12 universities);

6M060100- "Mathematics" – 5th place (out of 5 universities);

6M060200- "Informatics" – 4th place (out of 6 universities);

6M060400- "Physics" – 4th place (out of 4 high schools);

4. By decision of the State Certification Commission in 2015, all educational programs of the Faculty received certification for 5 years.

5. In 2015-2016 academic year as a result of the EAEA, graduate students of the Faculty have been successfully tested.

6. In March 2014, S.Toraighyrov students of PSU showed a brilliant result at the VI Republican subject Olympiad among the universities of Kazakhstan, held in Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov. Team of S.Toraighyrov PSU, led by Dosanov Talgat Sapargaliyevich, associate professor of physics and instrumentation department, took 1st place on the subject "Physics" among 11 teams of Kazakhstan universities.

7. In 2015, PSU team took 1st place in the intellectual competition “StudSovet.pav” among the students of 3-4 courses and graduate universities of Pavlodar region held 15.12.2015, in centre for serving the youth, organized by the Youth Association "Kenzhekol zhastary", with the support of on youth policy of Pavlodar region. Among the team members from PSU were Faculty groups  IS-402 Tazhkeyev E. and Phys-401 Zharylgasym-E.

8. In 2016, PSU team led by senior lecturer Mathematics and Informatics department Syzdykova A.T. and a group of students-Mat 201 Kalidolday A., Egimbayeva K. and Mat-202 J. Beisembayeva participated in the Republican subject Olympiad on specialty "5B060100 - Mathematics "in Astana, L.N. Gumilyov ENU. As a result of the Olympiad, PSU team took 4th place team among the eight participating teams: Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, S.Toraighyrov PSU, Aktobe State University, Karaganda State University named after Buketov, Semipalatinsk State University, SKSU named after Auezov. Students were awarded certificates of participants, as well as student Beisembaev Zh. was awarded the certificate among the participants of the best ten (had a private 9place among the 54 participating students Olympics).

9. Master’s degree student of the group MInf (o) -11n Alinov E. was awarded the title of "Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of IT-technologies" in the competition held by the Club of Young Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, with the financial support of the DAMU center, ENACTUS, BAITEREK (Almaty, 2015) .

10. Student of group CS-402 Tsaregorodcev I won the Grand Prix of participant of Republican Exhibition of scientific works in the field of ecology in the framework of the II National Environmental Youth Forum, held on 21-23 April, 2015

11. Master’s degree student of the group MIS-201n Irmanova Aidana took 1st place (prize - a laser printer), student of group IS-401 Seyfulla Tattimbet took 2nd place (prize - a tablet) and a student of the IS-202s Anuarbek Diaz was awarded the encouraging prize (removable disk) by LLP “TKR GROUP” in the contest of IT-ideas "University IT-spring" took place from 0104..2016 till 20.05.201, in two rounds.

12. Student of group CS-402 Nuralinov Arman was the winner of the regional championship and finalist (3rd place), of the national championship on solving business cases "Kemel kasіpker, 2016" as member of DoStar team.

13. Within Academic Mobility program students and undergraduates of the Faculty in 2015-2016 academic year have been trained in the following universities:

1) University of Lodz (Poland) / Anuarbekov D.B. (IS-202s), Sagyntay E. (CP-301);

2) Riga Technical University (Latvia) / Dzyumak M., Ilchubaeva D., Shaimerden D. (CP-302), Irmanova A. (MIS-21n);

3) State University of Shakarim (Semey) / Beisembayeva A. (CP-201);

4) University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain / Katlabuga Aida (MInf-(o) -12n), within the program Erasmus +;

In 2014-2015 academic year, students and graduates of faculty have been trained within the program "Academic mobility" in the following universities:

1) Baltic International University, Latvia / Davydenko Ivan (IS-302), Alinov Yerzhan (IS-301), Alexandra Potapenko (MMIS-22H), Narhanova Dinara (MMInf (o) -22n);

2) University of Applied Sciences, Austria / Tazhkeyev Erbolat (IS-202);

14. According to the orders of the Minister of Education and Science of RK have been assigned by scholarships of the President of RK:

In the 2014-2015 schoacademic ol year: Kulumbayeva Gulden - 3rd year student of the specialty "Instrumentation",  Gaydak Violetta - 4th year student of the specialty "Mathematics", Lemeshenko Nikita - 3rd year student of the specialty "Physics".

In the 2015-2016 academic year: Kalidolday Aitolkyn, Tusupova Aigerim - 3 rd year students of specialty "Mathematics". In the second semester - Kalidolday Aitolkyn, Tusupova Aigerim, Zhangazinova Dinara - 3rd year student specialty "Mathematics".

Scholarship named after G.Akhmetov was awarded to a group of students Mat-301 Zhenіs Dastan; Group Inf-301 Orazalin Abai; Scholarship named after Sh Chokin was awarded to a student from group Ins-401 Kulumbaeva Guldena;

15. Spartakiade among university staff, for all types of contests faculty team won the prizes in the end took the 1st place, received diplomas and rolling Rector Cup.

16. Under the guidance of professor of mathematics and informatics department Pavlyuk Ivan Ivanovich pupils of school №25 of Pavlodar and Cadet Corps "Military Specialized School" took 2nd and 3rd place respectively at the regional competition of research projects:

Title of project Name of student, school Contest / prize Note
1 Multigraphs of 10th order groups Akhmet Ayzere School №25 in Pavlodar, Grade 11

Regional competition of research projects (2nd place)

Passed to Republican Tour

Prize: Grant of PSU Rector

Became an owner of 3 degrees diploma in Korea, Seoul

2 Structure 8-order groups

Kabdykarimov Altanbek

Military Specialized School, Grade 11

Regional competition of research projects (3rd place)

Not Passed to Republican Tour