Director: Rustambayeva Meruert Dyusenbaikyzy

Rustambayeva Meruert - 3rd year student of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport S.Toraighytov PSU, is chairman of the Student council of dormitory №2. She was awarded a letter of gratitude for his contribution to the development of the University, as well as for his contribution to the implementation of youth policy and actively participate in socially significant events in the region.

Goals and objectives:

- Attracting students to participate the development of proposals to improve the quality of the educational process in view of scientific and professional interests of students;

- Protection and representation of the rights and interests of students;

- Detection of students' social problems;

- Help in finding of organizational and leadership skills of students;

- Democratization of Students of the University community;

- Development of creative activity of students and social sustainability;

-The Development of social and educational activity of the university youth;

- Education of patriots and future leaders;


Student Soviet special form of initiative, self-re- sponsible social activities of students to address the important issues of life of students, development of its social activity.