Head of the Division - Arnagul Aidynovna Burkyt.


The main objectives of the Division are as follows:

- encouraging students to participate in competitions for business grants;

- organizing and holding events for students such as excursions, business games, student cases, business camps;

- organizing and holding events for undergraduate and Master’s students such as business breakfasts, case championships, business evenings, TedX, Speed Dating;

- organizing work activities with student organizations such as KDM (Youth Services Committee), Zhas Otan, Enactus, the Alliance of Students for the Development of Entrepreneurial Initiatives of Student Activists.

The main functions of the Division are as follows:

- working with undergraduate and Master’s students, StartUp Weekend organizations within the Startup Academy;

- managing correspondence, processing requests of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, collaborating with regional akimat and state authorities in the given field;

- controlling registration and certification of implementation of the research findings into production;

- organizing and hosting business breakfasts, Speed Dating, case championships, business evenings;

- timely informing students about the national and international competitions;

- organizing the work activities and monitoring the participation of students in competitions for business grants, awards and scholarships; providing consulting services on preparation and registration of applications for participation in competitions;

- organizing and hosting a TEDx international conference in the Russian and Kazakh languages;

- working with prospective students, organizing events and excursions for them.




Office tel.: 673649 ext. 12-86

Contact details: the main university buildings, Office No.134, co-working, ext. 12-86