Main activities of the SSC:

• Providing services to students 

Goals and objectives of the SSC:

The main objectives of the SSC are processing user applications in a timely manner and development of electronic student services. 

The SSC performs tasks including those related to: 

- development of a unified information database on the SSC;

- provision of electronic services on organization of the educational process;

- provision of counseling services on payment of tuition fees, the public services center’s activities, the student visa issues, and academic mobility;

- delivery of the data for access to personal accounts of students and teaching staff members;

- provision of accommodation and free meals for certain categories of citizens;

- organization and development of the system of providing electronic services to students;

- records maintenance and preparation of reports on the activities of the center. 


The SSC’s Staff 

Aigerim Serikovna Abeuova:  specialist

Aidyn Anuarbekovna Ksentayeva: specialist

Asem Erganatovna Aitkazinova: specialist

Kuat Assylkhanovich Auyezkhanov: programming engineer

Miras Gazizovich Ermekov: engineer




64 Lomov st., Pavlodar

MLB, SSC (near the assembly hall)