Curriculum support and development

The Department has developed curricula for all academic programs. Teaching syllabuses are available for all courses.

All curricula have been drawn up in accordance with the state compulsory educational standard and comply with the requirements for the development and implementation of training packages in higher education.

A catalog of elective courses delivered by the Department’s staff is available. The teaching packages have been fully developed (for the 2017-2018 academic year).

Leading academic and teaching staff members of the Department have developed topics for lectures, seminars and practical classes, exercises and tasks, topics for laboratory works, students’ independent works, learning and teaching aids, problem books, manuals, etc.

The Department holds scientific seminars on the use of modern educational technologies in the learning process.

The Department has drawn up work plans for the 2017-2018 academic year (head of the Department: O. G. Potapenko), long-term and annual plans of academic materials publication (senior lecturer: N. N. Pudich) corrected in accordance with the state compulsory educational standard and major trends in the theory and methodology of software designing and programming. The content of the teaching packages is discussed and analyzed at the Department’s meetings.

Work programs describe the types of students’ independent work (SIW), its content, deadlines and types of control. Students’ independent work is monitored by lecturers during practical classes and advice sessions.

All curricula and syllabuses are drawn up both in Kazakh and Russian. A system of tests in Kazakh and Russian has been developed in order to carry out ongoing monitoring and final assessment. There guidelines for laboratory works are available in Kazakh and Russian.

Throughout the semester, students’ academic achievements are monitored using the direct and indirect methods. For indirect monitoring, there is a system of tasks and problems.

The Department has developed curricula and programs for on-job training that fully comply with the state compulsory educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Academic literature and teaching materials are fully available in Russian, however, there is a shortage of educational materials in the Kazakh language. The Department publishes new materials in Kazakh and Russian annually.

The schedule of training sessions is drawn up by the Classes and Scheduling Unit and approved by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. It is stable throughout the semester, and all training sessions are held in accordance with the schedule. In case a lecturer is off sick or away on a business trip, a training session is conducted by another lecturer assigned by the Department.

The teaching and academic staff members have developed work programs for all courses offered in the Department. These plans include lecture topics, topics of workshops and practical classes, exercises and tasks, titles of laboratory works, students’ independent work (SIW) (according to the approved schedule), titles of learning and teaching guides, problem-books, guidelines, etc. Execution of SIWs is monitored during practical classes and advice sessions.