The Head of Rukhani Zhanghyru Institute is Yerzhan Muratovich Toraighyrov.

Deputy to the Head of the Institute is Tamara Yuryevna Bil.


The main objectives of the Institute are as follows:

- promotion and implementation of the project article “A Look Into The Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness”;

- improving education, strengthening spirituality and patriotism of undergraduate and Master’s degree students, ensuring every student has the necessary practical skills in conducting research;

- involvement of undergraduate and Master’s degree students in research work in such fields as history, ethnography, ethnopedagogics, protection and study of archaeological sites;

- maintaining relationship with the project office “Rukhani Zhanghyru”, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Pavlodar region and other institutes and organizations;

- development of cooperation with research centers of neighboring and non- CIS countries;

- development of topics within various fields of history, pedagogy, archeology of the region for writing scientific papers and books, developing study guides;

- while performing their duties, employees must comply with the requirements stipulated in regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the requirements stipulated in internal regulations of S. Toraighyrov PSU and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

- maintaining documentation and preparing reports;


The functions of the Institute are as follows:

- Managing and implementing scientific research projects of the University;

- Planning and developing educational, scientific and academic activities;

- Publishing academic methodological (teaching aids, study guides) and scientific works in the field of implementation of the state national policy;

- Covering the main activities of the University supporting the implementation of the project article “A Look Into The Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness”.



Contact details:

Office No. 229, the main university building, 64 Lomov Street, Pavlodar

Office tel. 8-7182-673649 (ext. 12-75)