Name of foreign higher education establishment, organization Country
1 California Research Methods Institute USA
2 South-western University “Neophite Pilsky” Bulgaria
3 University of Stirling Great Britain
4 University of Sheffield Great Britain
5 Charles University Prague Czechia
6 Moscow State Technical University named after M.Bauman Russian Federation
7 Altai state technical university named after I.I.Polzunov Russian Federation
8 Chungju National University South Korea
9 International association for exchange of students and technical experiences (IAESTE) European union
10 Omsk State University Russian Federation
11 Novosibirsk State Agrarian University Russian Federation
12 Memorandum of mutual intent between Chungju National University South Korea
13 Siberian scientific-research and project-technological institute of cattle breeding Russian Federation
14 SNU All-Russian SRI of veterinary ethnomology and arachnology Russian Federation
15 Tyumen State Academy of Agriculture Russian Federation
16 Tomsk State University Russian Federation
17 Mongolian National University of Agriculture Mongolia
18 Altai State University History faculty of Altai state university and history and law faculty of Pavlodar state university named after S.Toraigyrov Russian Federation
19 Zelena Gora University Poland
20 Siberian state industrial university Russian Federation
21 Novosibirsk state technical university Russian Federation
22 Moscow state university of linguistics Russian Federation
23 Moscow state university named after M.V.Lomonosov Russian Federation
24 State technological university “Moscow institute of steel and alloys” Russian Federation
25 Moscow energetic institute Russian Federation
26 Moscow state university of mines Russian Federation
27 Mongolian state university of agriculture Mongolia
28 Mongolian national university Mongolia
29 Protocol of mutual intent of Pavlodar state university and University of Alberta School of business Canada
30 Helmholtz environment research center Germany
31 Central-Asian fund of management development “Caman” -
32 Academy of electric sciences of Russian federation Russian Federation
33 «Siberian Open university» association Russian Federation
34 Penza state university Russian Federation
35 Mine-Altai state university Russian Federation
36 Altai state agrarian university Russian Federation
37 Novosibirsk state water transport academy Russian Federation я
38 Novosibirsk state technical university Russian Federation
39 Omsk state technical university Russian Federation
40 Altai state university Russian Federation
41 Kemerov state university Russian Federation
42 Russian state social university Russian Federation
43 Uralsk state economical university Russian Federation
44 Belarusian state technological University Belarus

List of the joint international educational programs

1. CD – JEP – 24003 – 2003 “Planning a master course on stock-breeding steady developing in Northern Asia”;

2. CD – JEP – 26058 – 2005 “Working out a program on technique of renewable kinds of energy in Central Asian Universities”;

3. PP_SCM – T001Z04 – 2004 “Advancement of Bologna process ideas in Central and Eastern Asian countries”

Plans in the field of international affairs development

  1. Organization of the joint master’s programs by specialties. (3-5 programs)
  2. Celebration and realization of contracts with Padova University (Italy), Warsaw state university (Poland), Omsk state pedagogic university and others.
  3. Celebration and realization of contracts with German higher educational establishments in the framework of signing a memorandum of collaboration.
  4. Entry into association:
    1. International Universities Association
    2. Eurasian Universities Association
    3. European Universities Association
    4. Pre-Caspian states’ Universities Association
    5. Higher education international Universities Association.
  5. Search for country-partners for opening PhD specialties.