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5В070400 – Computer Hardware and Software. State License АА No. 0000038


History of the Department

The Department of Computer Engineering and Programming traces its history back to the Department of Computer Engineering established at Pavlodar Industrial Institute in 1971 (later, S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University).

S. F. Vasilevskiy, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, was the first Head of the Department. Later, the Department was headed by G. A. Zheltovskiy (Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor), V.V. Naumov (Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor), M. V. Titov (Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor). O. G. Potapenko, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, the member of the International Academy of Informatization, has been the Head of the Department since 1995.

The following academics made a significant contribution to the development of the Department: T. B. Potapova, R. Yu. Ishimtsev, K. A. Baymurzin, S. I. Derevyagin, N. M. Zaytseva, T. I. Tretyakova, etc.

All courses are taught by highly qualified academic staff having extensive experience in education, research and industry. The Department’s staff includes 2 Professors, 5 Candidates of Engineering Sciences, 4 Masters of Engineering and Technology. Top researchers and specialists from leading organizations and companies of the city and region are also regularly invited to deliver lectures and teach practical classes. The Department has four affiliates at KAZENERGOKABEL JSC, Unicode Company, ASUEP LLP, the Information-Analytical Center of Kazakhstan, which provide opportunities for students to cooperate closely with manufacturing specialists, to have professional internships and to be successfully employed.

Graduates of the Department are now successfully employed in a variety of organizations, companies and design institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and non-CIS countries. There is always high demand for them from largest national companies: KazTransOil, KEGOC JSC, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy SPE, Air Kazakhstan, Kazakh Telecom OJSC, Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan OJSC, Aluminium of Kazakhstan OJSC, TNK Kazchrome JSC, etc.


Head of the Department

Head of the Department is Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan Oleg Grigoryevich Potapenko.

Location of the Department: Pavlodar, 64 Lomov Street, room 403, tel. 8(7182) 673646, ext. 11-22.

E-mail: ,

Spheres of professional activities for graduates in 5B070400 Computer Engineering and Software are public and private companies and organizations developing, implementing and maintaining computers and information systems in various fields (engineering, metallurgy, transport, telecommunications, science and education, healthcare, agriculture, the service sector, administration, economy, business, management of various technologies).


- Anti hacker and cyber safety;

- Computer Hardware and Software in Industry;

- Computer Hardware and Software in Economy.

The objects of graduates' professional activity are computers, computer complexes, systems and networks; computer systems for information processing and management; computer-aided design systems; computer and information system software (programs, software and systems).

Areas of professional activity of graduates in Computer Engineering and Software are:

• development and maintenance of software for computer equipment, computer systems and complexes (programs, software and systems).

• administration of computer systems of information processing and management of all levels of production and social structures of a society;

• management of automation systems at all levels;

• maintenance and repair of computers, computer complexes, systems and networks;

• databases development;

• management • development, creation and designing of websites.

• development, creation and designing of websites.


Types of professional activities:

Designing: development of requirements and specifications for individual components of professional activity objects based on models of the subject field and capabilities of the technical facilities; designing the architecture of components of software and hardware complexes; designing the human-machine interface of software and hardware complexes; application of computer technology and programming tools for the effective implementation of software and hardware complexes; designing elements of mathematical, linguistic, information programs of computer systems for information processing and management based on modern methods, tools and design technologies.

Production: creating components of computer systems for information processing and management, production of programs and software systems of the specified quality; testing and debugging software and hardware; development of a program and methods of testing; testing the objects of professional activity; complexing hardware and software, laying out computer systems, complexes and networks; certification of objects of professional activity.

Research: choosing mathematical models, methods, computer technology and systems for decision-making support in research, designing, management of technological, economic and social systems and humanitarian fields; analysis, theoretical and experimental research of methods, algorithms, programs, hardware and software complexes and systems; creation and study of mathematical and software models of computation and information processes related to the operation of objects of professional activity; development of plans, programs and methods for researching software and hardware systems.

Administration: organization of individual stages of the development process; evaluation, control and management of the process of professional activity objects development; choosing the technology, software tools and computers for organization of the development and research process; training of staff within the adopted organization of the process of professional activity objects development.

Operation: installation, configuration and maintenance of system and application software of computer systems and networks; software program maintenance; choosing methods and tools for measuring the performance of professional activity objects.



Graduates who have successfully completed the program in Computer Hardware and Software get the academic degree of Bachelor of Computer Hardware and Software.

Bachelors of Computer Hardware and Software have the knowledge and skills of development and application of software and hardware tools, development and operation of computer systems, methods and techniques of programming aimed at the creation and use of computer systems for information processing and management in all areas of human activity.

Bachelors in 5B070400 Computer Hardware and Software can hold the following positions:

- specialist of higher qualification (category one or two);

- programmer;

- system administrator;

- database administrator;

- ЕRР system specialist;

- positions in organizations and companies working in the field of computer technology;

- developer, designer of websites and mobile applications;

- electronics engineer;

- cyber safety specialist;

- computer center specialist.


The Department has four branches offering practical training and future employment for students:

- Kazenergokabel JSC;

- Information-Analytical Center of Kazakhstan;

- UNICODE Company;



Tuition languages: Kazakh, Russian


Achievements of the Department

There are many our graduates among leading specialists of Kazakhstan's largest companies, such as Kazakhtelecom JSC, Aluminium of Kazakhstan JSC, Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant JSC, TNK Kazchrome JSC, Casting LLP, Alliance Bank, Eurasian Bank, Sberbank of Russia, Khalyk Bank, Temirbank, Tsesnabank, etc.

Students of the Department of Computer Engineering and Programming take an active part in various research activities, events and competitions. Dmitriy Aleynikov, a 4th year students of the Department, and Segey Zelenskiy, a PSU employee, won the main prize at Pavlodar Startup Weekend and received a grant from the Atameken National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan for development of an application. They designed prototypes of iOS and Android applications for the study of the Kazakh language.

Alibek Musin, a former student of the Department, took the third prize at the Pavlodar Startup Weekend competition with his team (Ata Auyl). His idea was to build an ethnic village on the Salty Lake shore in the Pavlodar region. Members of the team received a grant from Atameken. Alibek Musin also received a third-degree diploma at the 38th Conference on Integration of Education and Science as a Step into the Future held by the Junior Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He made a report on development of the website.

Students of the Department are actively involved in sports. They win prizes in various competitions: regional student games - competitions in winter multi-sport events, orienting, climbing, Presidential multi-discipline competition, summer orienting (open championship), etc.


Aleksandr Tsaregorodtsev, a former student of the Department, is the winner of the Usability and Design in Software Development competition in the Best Desk-Top Solution category.

Senior Lecturer In.I. Pavlyuk defended her dissertation in 010106 Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory at Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk (title of the dissertation: Groups with Comparability Relations for Subgroups and Elements).



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