Department director, chief accountant – Koftanyuk Tatyana Ilyinichna

Activity directions

Economy and Finance department activity realizes the following functions:

  • Annual estimate of expenditures and incomes projects forming according to the funding source and the activity forms, preparing of income specific basing and estimate of expenditures correcting in the established order.
  • Working out and a plan making of PSU financial and economic activity and estimate of administrative expenditures.
  • Subdivisions’ teaching staff number estimation, managerial staff, business executives, service personnel according to the norms.
  • Teaching staff, managerial staff, business executives, service personnel table forming according to the university structure and estimate of expenditures and their accordance to the statement in the established order.
  • Control realizing of staff discipline keeping, wage fund expenditure, wage and appoint tariff applying, additional payment to salaries.
  • Keeping books of factual staff filling.
  • PSU official salary periodical specification concerning with the seniority changes on specialty according to the commission decision.
  • Order projects preparing for the establishing of changed official salary and money payment.
  • Tariff working out for educational and other paying services giving by PSU and accordance to the statement in the established order.
  • Account, control and analysis realizing of receiving means within the income sources, estimate of expenditures execution analysis.
  • Estimate forming of PSU representative expenditures, seminars, conferences, cultural, sporting and other arrangements holding.
  • Marketing holding of educational, scientific and other services with the aim of inner reserves clearing up and additional financial sources attraction.
  • Financial information giving in the established order to inner and out users.
  • Approved forms of financial and statistical reports giving to the higher organs on the Economy and Finance department director’s (chief accountant) instructions.
  • Administration and consultation on financial questions to the university subdivisions.
  • Accounts, references, letters and other necessary documents preparing within the competence of the departments activity.
  • Concluding treaties projects consideration on PSU consumer services, control realizing of concluding treaties terms and their execution.
  • Room renting treaties preparing, account, analysis and settling with homage.
  • PSU legal documents working out within the competence of the department activity.
  • Introduction system improving and documentation keeping of management quality system, integrity supporting of management quality system.

Priority aims and tasks

Planning and financial section of Economy and Finance department aims:

  • PSU economical development proportion keeping on the basis of income rising from financial and consumer activity realizing.
  • PSU official staff standard of living rising.
  • PSU economic interest protection.

Economy and Finance department realizes the following main tasks:

  • Accounting and financial book-keeping organization in accordance with accounting standards and PSU accounting policy.
  • Labor and salary calculation, salary and other payments account organization, timely provision of official salaries and students’ scholarships.
  • PSU activity planning and financing organization.
  • Account and control organization of property availability and movement, rational use of PSU material and technical basis.
  • PSU finance and consumer activity analysis holding.
  • Staff table, salary fund forming and use control.
  • State purchase organization and holding.
  • State purchase process coordination and monitoring.
  • PSU special cash means use control.
  • Accounting and book-keeping automation in PSU.
  • Accounting and book-keeping methodical provision.


Department structure

Planning and Finance Division

Accounting Operations Division

Division of Finances and Profitability


Contact data:

Pavlodar city,

PSU main building, room A – 310

Tel. +7(718-2)673658 ins. 109