Koftanyuk Tatyana Ilyinichna

Position: Director of economics and finance department, chief accountant
Education: higher
Professional experience:
41 years, including 38 years at PSU
Contact number: 8 (7182) 673658, ext. 11-09
Office: MAB, A-310
Awards, certificates, honour papers: certificate “International standards of financial accountance”, certificate for the course “Theory and practice ISFO/NSFO in the enterprises at the ministry of education and science of RK” 30.06.08.-07.07.08, , an International Certificate No.08/346 “The ACCA Financial management” (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) (14.08.2011-21.08.2011), a Certificate in Professional Accounting No.0000233 dated September 12, 2011, a Certificate for completing a seminar course “Electronic government and electronic services” October 14, 2011, a Certificate for completing a course “Management in Education” delivered by Professor B. Baumann (11.07.2011-16.07.2012).