Head of the office – Aliya Kanatovna Tatenova


Activity of budget office of economics and finance department is directed on realization of the following functions:

1. Preparation of the University’s budget for a financial year;

2. Working-out of the development plan of S. Toraighyrov PSU, emendation and entering of adjustments in an approved plan in accordance with the established procedure;

3. Monitoring of the University’s development plan and budget implementation for preceding periods and a current financial year;

4. Recording of receipt and movement of funds in terms of funding sources;

5. Staff distribution according to personnel categories in compliance with the regulatory ratio of a contingent;

6. Development of a staff schedule according to personnel categories in compliance with the University’s structure, making amendments in accordance with the established procedure;

7. Rating of employees according to positions in terms of professional experience;

8. Planning and evaluation of the payroll fund;

9. Preparation of draft orders on fixation of incentive payments to employees;

10. Keeping a record of actual staffing assignment;

11. Cost estimation in terms of the University’s activity areas;

12. Development of a fee schedule for educational and other paid services;

13. Recording of student population movement in terms of modes of study and funding sources.

14. Drawing up of accounts of scholarship fund requirements, compensation payments for travel, academic mobility, attraction of foreign professionals.

15. Drawing up of accounts and applications on execution of contracts in terms of the University upkeep, contract performance control;

16. Recording and analysis of costs for immovable properties upkeep;

17. Formation and execution of contracts on communal services with lessees, recording and evaluation of accounts with lessees;

18. Informational and consultative support to activities of structural divisions on economic and finance activity issues;

19. Development of local regulatory documents on the Division’s activity area;

20. Reception, registration and execution of incoming documents of the Division, preparation, registration and distribution of outgoing documents;

21. Preparation of materials on the Division’s activity areas proposed for consideration at meetings of the Academic Board, the rectorate and other collegiate governing authorities;

22. Generation of information on the Division’s activity areas under the instruction of the University’s administration;

23. Preparation of current and annual reports on operating results in terms of the Division’s activity areas.


Priority tasks of the Panning and Finance Division

- Planning of funds receipt and expenditure;

- Organization of the University’s activity funding;

- Planning of the staff size and payroll fund;

- Analysis of the University’s finance and economic activity;

- Maintenance of documentation and preparation of reports on the Division’s activity areas.



Asel Serikovna Rahmetova - economist

Inkara Serikovna Aitchanova - economist



Pavlodar city, MAB, А-309а

теl. +7(718-2)673652 (ext. 11-38)