Head of the office: Stassenko Nataliya Vladimirovna

Income and students’ contingent movement account office of economic and finance department is an organizational department of PSU named after S.Toraigyrov and under the direction of head of economic and finance department – chief accountant.

Office realizes the following directions:

• Participation in perspective and current planning of specialists’ preparation, creation of necessary conditions for getting an education, directed on formation, development and professional perfection of personality;

• Information preparation, necessary for supervision over contingent movement and students’ debts.

• Consultation and expository work with students.

• Realization of control on students’ contingent movement.

• Extra charge of income and monthly determination of notes payable and bill payable on payments

Office realizes the following purposes and tasks:

• Organization of work with faculties on execution documents pack on each student, studying by contract with full compensation of expenditure;

• Individual work with parents and students on expository questions, connected with contract form of study;

• Conducting timely students’ account within faculties, by specialties, courses and forms of study, by every student individually: o By students, Masters of art, candidates and students with contract of full compensation of expenditure; o Students studied at extra courses and base classes, IPC listeners. • Work with the directors of faculties, specialists and responsible people on liquidation debts over the whole students’ contingent;

• Timely funds account, received by bank and cash for fee by the whole students’ contingent;

• Monthly verification of fund receipt (by cash and bank);

• Writing out receipt orders, accounts and tax invoices for organizations and enterprises;

• Execution contracts during entrance examination;

• Processing project orders and ready orders on reestablishment and sending down by the all students’ contingent (determination of debts’ sum and payment rest by every student individually);

• Presentation information in the form of references, accounts and other documents for university supervision and institutes by the all students’ contingent.

• Preparation of timely answers for questions, letters on questions, which are relate to students’ contingent.



Тyshtykova Gulnara Kusainovna– high category and high qualified accountant

Dmitrieva Zinaida Semenovna – high category accountant

Kargasekova Assem Kairovna – 1 category accountant



Pavlodar city, Chief corpus, room № 311

теl. +7(718-2)673671 (inner 150)