There is an exhibition “Expedition Roads in one of the foyers of Toraighyrov University

Specialists of the university museum complex, together with the publishing house, prepared more than 100 photographs of our scientists conducting their research in the field.

Photos from various expeditions were provided by: Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Natural Sciences Kanat Akhmetov, entomologist Sergei Titov, biologist Viktor Kamkin, archaeologist Viktor Mertz.

As D. Diderot wrote: the goal of any expedition is to collect knowledge scattered around the world, bring it into a system that is understandable to people living now, and pass it on to those who come after us.

Our scientists have traveled to different corners of the earth, studying the flora and fauna of the world, conducting soil separation and collecting herbariums, at archaeological excavations, so that later, in the quiet of laboratories, they carry out their further research. The geography of research is extensive; they have visited the steppes of Mongolia, the USA, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The photo exhibition was prepared by the university museum complex in conjunction with the publishing center.