“La vie dobro”, Vita, “Maidan Zholy”, Serdtsa Pavlodara, Klub dobryakov voiced their ideas at a meeting with akim of Pavlodar Kairat Nukenov.

The Chairwoman of the National Volunteer Network of Kazakhstan, Vera Kim, noted that it is important to register on the unified Qazvolunteer.kz platform for those who are ready to help and those who need such help .

She also talked about the electronic book of the volunteer and the calculations of one “volunteer hour”.

Gulmirs Baykoshkarova, creative director of the "Birgemiz" front office, proposed launching a program cycle with the participation of young and experienced volunteers.

It should be noted that the volunteer unit “La vie dobro” implements three long-term projects. “Generation” - combining homes for elderly people with boarding schools, helping the hospice and “Meeting with yourself” - overcoming emotional burnout for parents with sick children.