Toraighyrov University, in the fight for air quality, students and teachers of the Faculty of Agricultural technology brought about 60 natural indoor flowers and plants for landscaping of the building.

Our collection includes plants for air purification: Chlorophytum, spiderwort, Peace Lily, sansevieria, begonia, ficus, eucharis.

Ecological school responded to the action. They provided planting materials in the form of pandanus, pankratium, soleirolia , ivy arum.

The organizers note that this, albeit local, environmental movement is an excellent tool for shaping the ecological worldview and ecological culture of students. They will continue to develop the environmental agenda and create a “green factory” at their faculty.

Oksana Ermakova, a senior lecturer at the Agrotechnology Department, emphasizes that most modern furniture emit a toxin called formaldehyde and indoor plants, like no other, protect from harmful effects, clean the air from dust, smoke, and heavy metals.