New trends in learning and left-brain perception of information were discussed at the seminar of Alina Khamatdinova.

An expert in the field of mass communications said that the training methods that have developed historically train and develop, mainly, the unambiguous context of left-brain thinking. This method is most mastered by mankind. The right-brain is associated with creativity, fantasy, intuition, imagination.

One way to find harmony between the right and left brain is to make the Dilts pyramid. It allows you to go from the level of ordinary life to the level of destination. Neurological exercises create harmony and provide a transition from left to right in solving any situation.

The words of Ericson International coach found a keen interest in the research of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor of the Department of Physics and Instrumentation Kulyash Nurumzhanova. The peculiarity of thinking of children who graduated from national schools was noted, which respond badly to strict standards of algorithmization and the construction of schematic forms. Usually they think more creatively, emotionally and figuratively, which is difficult to stay within some limited framework.

Mayra Kozhamzharova, head of the department of philosophy and socio-humanitarian disciplines, notes that this is due to the peculiarity of the Kazakh culture, a specific form of knowledge transfer, which has a slightly different nature of fixation and coding.