“Meeting with yourself” is one of the long-term projects of the volunteer team “La vie dobro” and the psychologists of the university.

Psychological assistance is provided to parents of special children on a free basis, and trainings are held on the prevention of burnout, recovery after depression.

According to the psychologist and doctoral student Samal Antikeyeva, these courses are about true love for oneself, since mother, absorbed by the health of her children, has no time for internal recharging.

“They spend all their strength and finances on the treatment, rehabilitation and development of children, forgetting about themselves. A woman who loves herself and is full of energy can help her family. ”

On neighboring sites, an exercise on desires, a macrame workshop and a make-up artist's course helped to get away from problems.

While mothers were at the trainings with volunteers, the children prepared postcards for March 8th.