The competition of IT projects “Hakaton Yassawi SmartTech” has completed in the Turkestan region. About 100 applicants from 15 universities of the country competed.

The Grand Prix of the competition was won by the students of the Department of Information Technology Sembі Zhusіp, Sergey Mysak, Andrey Mysak.

In 24 hours, all participants needed to develop a methodology or software solution for combating corruption in the framework of career processes.

The students improved the inCraft platform for the selection and hiring of employees in the field of education. A decentralized model was proposed for conducting interviews in two rounds, which includes communication with a psychologist and with a specialist in the professional field. The problem of transparency in the selection and hiring of candidates was also solved by adding open information about them and public monitoring.

IT specialists have also optimized document verification using OpenCV, Tesseract OCR and Laravel technologies.

The program that works with photographs of ID cards independently reads the IIN and receives all the necessary information. This reduces the risk of "accidental errors" and the human factor.