According to the results of the contest of research works of Karaganda State Industrial University, a student of Toraighyrov University, Zhaniya Amanzholova, was awarded the third degree diploma.

Under the supervision of Professor Ablai Zhunusov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associated Professor Lyazat Tolymbekova, PhD, a young researcher studied methods for processing industrial wastes, in particular finely dispersed chrome-containing emissions from ferroalloy production.

Zhania proposed a solution to this problem using the pelletizing method.

According to the supervisors, these wastes have a high chromium content from 65 to 72% in their composition and the fractional composition is quite suitable for the pelletizing process (0-0.01 mm), i.e. does not require additional grinding.

As a result, a technology for processing finely dispersed chrome-containing wastes was developed and an inexpensive binder material was selected.