Main fields of activity of the Scientific and Practical Center for the Study of the History and Ethnography of the Region named after Ye. Bekmakhanov are:

  1. Problems of the social and methodological program for the study of the regional history and ethnography;
  2. Development of a common program for the study of the history, ethnography and culture of the region;
  3. Collection of new unexplored facts about the history of law, their scientific analysis and systematization;
  4. Publication of study guides for undergraduate, post-graduate students and academic staff;
  5. Development of research projects under the program for strengthening the ethno-cultural education of young people.


  1. Publication of multi-volume works on the history and ethnography of the region;
  2. Carrying out monographic studies in ethnography of the region;
  3. Preparation of the following works for release: Encyclopedias “Alkey Marghulan”, “Pavlodar”, and “Altyn Besik” devoted to Russian-Kazakh relations;
    Сборника сочинений «Жолдар – жылдар» Музафара Алимбаева;
    Collection of works by Muzafar Alimbayev “Zholdar – Zhyldar”;
    The book “Zharkyn Tulgha Ulaghaty” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War veteran Kabdesh Nurkin, Chevalier of the Order of Nevsky, statesman of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    A book dedicated to the 140th birthday of a national poet and composer, singer, our fellow-countryman Yestay Berkimbayev. The book “Zhay Konyr” will include selected works on the life and work of the poet;
    The book “Tughan Zher - Turim Mangylyk ...” dedicated to the 85th birthday of a famous poet, who died very early, our fellow-countryman Kabdykarim Ydyrysov;
    The book “Olzhabay Batyr” dedicated to a famous Kazakh warrior, our fellow countryman, one of the leaders of the liberation war against the Zhungar invasion;
    The book “Zeyin Shashkin” dedicated to an outstanding writer, a native of our region.
  4. Collection of materials on the history and ethnography of the region, a comprehensive analysis of existing studies, work with the materials of the expeditions and the actual documentation;
  5. Establishing and maintaining cooperation with the local scientific and other regional organizations;
  6. Systematization of collected materials;
  7. Creating the necessary conditions for publication of materials on the local history, high-quality editorial and proofreading work with texts.

Objective: study of the cultural history and ethnography of the region and preparation of research projects based on these studies. Presentation of the contribution of scientific and creative works of the great Kazakh writers and scholars. The Center publishes high quality reference books, encyclopedias and other scientific work. All works are distributed among readers interested in this area, and are actively used for teaching the cultural heritage in Kazakh schools.


Progress report and future plans


Members of the Center