The Academic Council of Toraighyrov University voted to open a joint dissertation council in the areas of "Engineering and Practice of Engineering", "Mechanical Engineering" and "Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology".

Republican subject Olympiad in the specialty "Cultural Studies" ended at Toraighyrov University.

The day before, Toraigyrov University conducted a distribution of graduates of pedagogical specialties.

Students Adlet Shaimukhamedov, Tatyana Potapova, Korkem Abilkasym are in the top three.

Toraighyrov University provided the opportunity to pass the session and the final evaluation in any convenient way, while the financial obligations towards employees and students of the university will be fulfilled completely.

The international scientific conference "XX Satpayev Readings" will be held in absentia

The Department of Economic Investigations donated a thousand liters of alcohol-containing liquid to the university for the production of antiseptics.

A young couple - Master's degree student - philosopher Alibek and 2nd year student - technologist Moldir made grandiose plans for this March. On the 25th, the boy had to finally pick up his beloved from his parents' house, after which they planned a beautiful wedding.

For the period of the state of emergency in the country, students who stay in the dormitory are given food baskets with socially significant products.

LLP "Best Garant KAZ", LLP "ELNUR-SERVICE" and the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan are ready to open their doors for students of Toraighyrov University.