As part of the celebration of the 91st anniversary of the newspaper the “Saryarqa samaly” professors of “Kazakh language and journalism” Department of Toraighyrov University, consisting of the holder of the “Құрмет” Award, Bizhan Zhumaseit Kogabaevich, PhD, professor Elikbaev Serik Tuleubayevich, PhD, Associate Professor Zhumabekova Gaukhar Aitbekkyzy organized a meeting with journalists of the regional newspaper the “Saryarqa samaly”.

The ceremonial opening of the classroom named after the Honored Education Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Association “Scientists of Kazakhstan”, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Candidate of Twchnical Sciences, professor Radul Idayatovich Serzhanov was held at the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

О рабочих буднях телеведущего Первого канала «Евразия» рассказала Айгерим Муздыбаева на встрече в ToU.

Flexible teams and hybrid qualifications: hard, soft, digital skills, how the university is changing its approach to hiring.

400 participants in seven sports shot accurately, expertly played basketball and chess for two weeks

The strength and beauty of the chamber choral polyphony from the regional philharmonic named after Isa Bayzakov.

Aibek Aubanov, Deputy Head of the Department of Justice of the Pavlodar Region, suggested volunteers to create groups to provide free legal advice.

Discussing opportunities for obtaining a master's or PhD degree, participating in the ToU Junior skills school, and teaching entrepreneurial skills to teachers were on the agenda of school principals and department heads.

Toraighyrov University реконструировали спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс.

The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) - Cambridge English Language Teaching Exam.