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List of qualifications and positions
List of qualifications and positionsA bachelor on 5B080100 – Agronomy specialty is conferred an academic degree of Bachelor of agricultural science. Qualifications and positions are determined in accordance with "Qualification reference book for managers, specialists and other employees", approved by the order № 273-P of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 22, 2002.
Sphere of professional activityThe spheres of professional activity are different sectors of agricultural production.
Objects of professional activityThe objects of professional activity of graduates are: joined stock companies, production cooperatives, limited liability companies, farms, individual and collective farmings, firms acting in agricultural sphere, and other agricultural formations.
Subjects of professional activityThe objects of professional activity of graduates are land resources, agricultural crops, equipment, fertilizers, seed.
Types of professional activityBachelors of 5B080100 – Agronomy specialty can perform the following types of professional activity: organizational management activity related to organization of production processes in agriculture, as well as these processes management; production and technology activity related to the cropping using intensive and resource-conserving technologies and labor management in plant growing and other agricultural works; financial and economic activity related to the calculation of financial and labor resources in plant growing production; advisory activity related to calculations in agronomy and consultations with experts and workers of the pant growing sphere; education activity.
Functions of professional activityBachelors of 5B080100 – Agronomy specialty can work as field crop agriculturist in various economic entities of agricultural sector, as agronomist of plant protection, as horticulturist, as agronomist-seed grower, as seed and grain inspector, and as other experts of agricultural area; or they can continue their further education in magistracy, and after it – in doctoral programs.
Typical tasks of professional activityReproduction and maintaining soil fertility; development and application of the integrated system of plant protection from pests; development of the structure of the land under cultivation and schemes of crop rotation in a relation to the conditions of particular farms taking into account their main activity and soil and climatic characteristics of the area; application of energy- and labor-saving techniques of the tillage, based on its minimizing in agricultural production; complex agritechnical service of farm fields taking into account agricultural landscapes; application of the modern advanced technology of crops cultivation taking into account the achievements of national and foreign science.
Areas of professional activityPlant growing, agriculture, crops protection from pests and diseases, selection and seed growing of crops, gardening, plant growing products storage and recycling technology, forage production, biotechnology of plants.
Content of professional activityThe productivity of crops short- and long-term forecasting; forecasting and warning of the spread and growth of agricultural crops; forecasting and warning, quarantine service; labor protection and protection of life safety; environment protection.